What is the Chicago Invitation?

The Chicago Invitation is a movement within the Reformed Church in America. As such, it is a document and a fellowship.

As a document, it invites office bearers within the Reformed Church in America to affirm and celebrate our ecclesiology and our polity, in contrast to pleasing yet radical departures often proposed.

As a fellowship, the Chicago Invitation is a gathering of signatories and interested individuals for the purpose of fellowship, instruction, planning, and mutual support.


Our Symbol

The symbol of the Chicago Invitation is the Lily Among the Thorns. It is not a symbol that belongs to us but to the Reformed, and we use it as a nod to our heritage. The Lily Among the Thorns is the historic emblem of the Reformed Church and is drawn from Song of Solomon 2:2, “Like a lily among the thorns so is my beloved among the daughters.”

It is a symbol of hope and resilience.