Letter of Sentiments

At the CI meeting on May 3, Rod Koopmans presented a draft of a letter giving expression to “affective sentiments.” Although it is in the minutes from that meeting (stored at the main CI web site), I am putting it here in its own blog post:

  • Ten years ago the GS embraced a Statement of Mission and Vision calling upon the Church to follow Christ in mission
  • During this decade our regional synods and classes have faithfully continued their responsibilities of the RCA
  • However, the result has been that our vision has not propelled us forward
  • The conclusion has been reached that regional synods and classes have impeded the vision
  • Now it has been resolved that these assemblies must be dissolved and then reconstituted into fifteen or more middle assemblies
  • It is proposed that these ‘middle assemblies’ will support “the vision” and “our Call” in a way that our current structure has not.

Therefore, let it be it known that there are many of us in the RCA who are alarmed that, at the 2007 General Synod, the flames of distrust for our members of classes and regional synods will be fanned, and delegates will be urged to seize control of our future by dismantling most of our structure

  • We are appalled by the lack of regard that this extends to the good men and women who compose our assemblies

  • We are dismayed by the scorn this report and recommendations display to our historic identity
  • We are deeply grieved that ‘proclaiming the gospel and being faithful in ministry’ is being replaced by “to the line” or being given the boot
  • We are angered that so few (according to the released list of contacts) have participated in the consultation process which now seeks to dismantle the RCA as we know it
  • We are offended at being faced with the probability that ‘doing things decently and in order’ is to be replaced with ‘open space’, chaos and confusion
  • We concerned that the effect of this proposal will have dire consequences which will extinguish the future of this denomination which it purports to embrace
  • We are praying that GS 2007 will reject the Missional Structuring Task Force recommendations thus permitting us the means to walk forward together into the future which God has prepared for us.

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