RCA's GSC: Quo Vadis?

The General Synod by-laws.
GS 2007 is asked to approve the incorporation of the General Synod Council.
That is like changing Limited Power of Attorney status to Joint Tenancy,
and change from Agent to Owner.
Once accomplished, and GS meeting only bi-annually, it is easy to see what that will mean!
Let me illustrate it theologically.
Theologically it is the same as the development of a Mariology as a ‘helpful’ addition to Christology. All the talk about co-redemption is heresy.
The Reformed view is clear on this. Mary’s primary role is to highlight the Scriptural attestation that Jesus is ‘born of a woman’ (Gal 4:4).
‘Protestants’ see Mary as anchoring Jesus’ humanity.
Roman-Catholics reason from Jesus’ divinity to Mary’s unique status.
The GSC is, and remains, a ‘doulos.’ This Marian status is enough of an honor and responsibilty.
We need to affirm: the GSC is not the GS, nor vice versa.
2. Once ‘incorporated’ a move to another legal district is much easier accomplished…
Okke Postma

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