Regional Synod of Canada

I notice that the Regional Synod did not have a representative in the Task Force. I can’t imagine why. Or maybe I can.

If someone from Canada had been on the Task Force, she probably would have explained that collapsing their regional synod and three classes into a single entity would prove impossible.

Indeed, that’s exactly what a Canadian RCA pastor told me last week.

The irony is that having to do that would be the opposite of “missional” in the Task Force sense. It would disconnect the church structure from the peculiar culture and character of Canada. Anyone who has ever lived there understands how distinct Ontario is from the Prairie Provinces and both from BC.

The Canadian churches would have to revert to the very structure they have now, only the new version of the classis will have lost the authority to establish local ministry.

They’d be toast, eh.

6 thoughts on “Regional Synod of Canada

  1. “Indeed, that’s exactly what a Canadian RCA pastor told me last week.”Daniel, is that Canadian pastor a delegate to General Synod?

  2. I’m a Canadain RCA pastor, and I agree. We’d be toast. I’m hearing some suggest it may be the end of the RCA in Canada.Blessings, RogueMonk

  3. One of Jim Reid’s power points is the list of those who were consulted. RSCanada is indeed completely absent from the ‘wide’ discussion that was mandated. But the delegates of the Canadian Classes will not be absent st GS! This issue of ‘fairness’ will sapeak louder to many delegates than substance perspectives.

  4. James, word is going out. The sad thing is that not many people are listening. It seems a symptom in our whole denomination. I fear the MSTF will pass, simply because its well scripted by the powers-that-be for people to be tuned only to their voice.Blessings, RogueMonk

  5. I have been asked whether the Canadian RCA pastor is going to be a delegate to General Synod. I am sorry, I do not have permission to reveal that.But I certainly did contact one of the GS delegates from Canada, and asked the delegate to take the issues very seriously.

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