GS assistants needed

We are in need of persons who are not GS 2007 delegates to assist as resource persons after the MSTF report and its response have been given to help answer any questions that may arise in the 20 discussion groups discussiong the MSTF recommendations Saturday afternoon.

Here is how the system is supposed to work:
At 11;15 AM Saturday the “Major Issues Advisory Process” [i.e. their assignment to meet in the 20 discussion groups] will be explained to delegates.
After that explanation, the MSTF report and Recommendations will have 10 minutes to present their case.
Immediately following, the 3 Regional Synods [RSA,RSMAt,RSNY] submitting overtures will have 10 minutes to state their case. Your truly has been designated by the 3 RS’s to present that case.
Any time left before lunch will be given to Q&A from the delegates.
After lunch, from 1:30-5:00 PM, committee will meet [for the first time] and start discussions.
A “911” sytem of cell phone paging will be set up to field questions from the discussion groups.
It would be helpful to have more than one body to dispatch out to the groups, who, it seems will be dispersed across the campus.

Any takers should e-mail me ASAP:

Note: We would be wise to exclude any voting delegates from acting as such resource persons, since by the GS rules, resource persons do not take part in deliberations or debate and are expected to recuse themselves from voting on the issue they are resourcing.

Jim Reid

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