Staff and the Microphones

If any delegate has a thought to follow Jim Brumm’s advice and have staff be responding only to questions with no inherent priviledge of the floor then that motion needs to come at the formation of GS, Friday morning at 8:15. Last year, it came under the setting of the Schedule. It may also come under the proposal to adopt special rules for GS 2007. In fairness, this should include all staff, GS, RS and classis paid staff; with the possible exception of the General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian.

Jim Reid

One thought on “Staff and the Microphones

  1. In all fairness, it should include ALL staff, including the General Secretary and Parliamentarian.By the way, Jim Brumm is an ordained RCA elder, now retired to North Carolina. I am almost always James. Not a big deal.

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