Synod Report I

General Synod convened last evening with worship (a bit odd having a Reformed worship with no reading of Scripture, but it was probably an oversight).

Several matters of interest, mostly of rumors on the ground.

1) Belhar may run into some trouble. Some folk are preparing to argue that acceptance of Belhar will open the door to acceptance of homosexual persons in the church — in all offices.

2) In a related matter, the anti-gay forces are planning an alternate worship in protest to Jacquie Lewis’ presence as preacher. This in response to her stance re GSTG folk in the church.

3) As to Missional Structures…. The stated clerks, to a person, angrily took the proposal, and its committee, apart. My read is that they were responding to what Dan Meeter pointed out as the violence of the report. Read it from the perspective of a stated clerk and the disrespect emerges pretty quickly.

My bet is that Missional Structures will be “sent back” or referred somewhere. There will be moves to save it in some form.

The other so-called big issue is the use of assessments that had gone to the Church Herald. Right now there’s no telling how this one will turn out.

Stay tuned.

Al Janssen

5 thoughts on “Synod Report I

  1. Just a clarification. Your point two is a rumor that I have heard as well, but having spoken directly to the leaders of the “anti-gay forces”, I can happily report that is false rumor.Blessings, RogueMonk

  2. If we had followed a natural evolution of the Church Order of Dort, the assembled stated clerks would be something like the Administrative Council of the denomination, and perhaps the most important assembly we have.You wonder why the GSC staff isn’t listening. Are they on self-destruct? Die Gotterdammerung?

  3. Whether point 2 is rumor or not — and it doesn’t appear to be — a motion was made this morning at the synod that the president “disinvite” the preacher for Sunday morning. A second motion was entered to have the president apologize to the assembly.

  4. Al: there was a reading of scripture. The preacher read it at the beginning of his sermon. It was the story about Phillip and Nathanial. Though he didn’t set the reading apart very clearly.

  5. Well, most folk didn’t hear the scripture. I heard a reference to Scripture. And we haven’t had it read in worship yet!

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