Hymn from GS2007

The first stanza of this hymn was written within a half hour of the election of Carol Bechtel as General Synod VP, but I think it had a lot to do with that whole Monday and Belhar and everything; it’s just amazing what the church can be like on those rare occasions when we get it right. The remainder came the next day on the plane home, but has been set aside for cooling and honing. DARWALL was the tune running through my head when I wrote it. I think (after Daniel Meeter’s latest post) that it’s good for us to remember the church’s potential to be really good on many of the other days that are coming.

Our Friend, the risen Christ,
makes us and all things new,
a promise and surprise
that shows what love can do.
So, here and now, we dare rejoice
and lift our voice in awestruck “Wow!”

Where mortal laws say “No,”
God’s Word says “Come and see,”
and falling walls show who
we all might rise to be.
How could we guess? A trumpet sounds
and what surrounds us? Our Friend’s “Yes!”

We safely slip through flood,
and rise to Holy Fire.
First-fruits of freedom feed
us, prod us, and require
old lives to end as our rebirth
helps build this earth for our dear Friend.

The copyright is mine at the moment (2007), and, if you use it, please send me a copy of the bulletin. At some point, the copyright will probably be somebody else’s.

One thought on “Hymn from GS2007

  1. As I left synod and the church settled back to its rocky way, it helps me to remember that the church is but a sign. It is a sign of the kingdom as the kingdom breaks into the present from the future in fragments. They are only fragments, but sufficient to evoke hope. It is a profound mistake, and one I commit too often, to expect the church to be the kingdom. We live with what Van Ruler called an “eschatological reserve.”

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