Van Ruler Conference

Readers of this blog might be interested in a conference being held at New Brunswick Theological Seminary: Making All Things New: Explorations in the Trinitarian Theology of A. A. van Ruler. The date is October 5, 2007. Speakers include Cliff Anderson of Princeton, John Bolt of Calvin, Paul Fries of New Brunswick, Dirk van Keulen of the Protestant Theological University of the Netherlands, and myself.

To register, contact Joanne Noel at New Brunswick (732-247-52441 ext 122 or email at

I suggest this conference not only because of my own interest (although there is that), but because Chicago Invitation hones in on the question of the nature of the church. Van Ruler was part of an intense conversation on the nature of the church and indeed was a major contributor to that conversation. He articulates a Reformed understanding that has had deep echoes in the RCA, but has been lost in the current buzz around “Our Call.” For instance, Van Ruler’s emphasis on the kingdom has him claim that God’s intention is not to get everyone under the roof of the church, but sets the church in service of the kingdom. At the same time, the church is not simply functional to the kingdom, but is a gestalt of that kingdom.

Al Janssen

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