"Chicago Invitation Fixes Space Shuttle!!!"

… well, I guess you had to be there …

“There” was the CI meeting, held on October 31 and November 1. I had a great time. I truly believe that all 20 of us in attendance did. It was, for me, engaging, stimulating, encouraging. We talked, listened, worshiped, prayed, laughed, ate, and drank.

I know that others will post their reflections. Soon the draft minutes will be complete and posted. So, keep checking the blog.

Dan Griswold

4 thoughts on “"Chicago Invitation Fixes Space Shuttle!!!"

  1. So glad the shuttle is fixed. Thanks Dan.On a serious note I amd eeply grateful for the wise and compassionate conversation we shared at this past week’s meeting.Harold Delhagen

  2. I’m looking forward in hearing more about the meeting. I would have liked to have been there, but the distance is far to great.Blessings, RogueMonk

  3. You should know that CI has grant monies available to help signatories attend the meetings regardless of cost. Be in touch with Jack Elliot, and he’ll help you with train fare, car fare, plane tickets, whatever.

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