Happy New Year!

Okay, so I’m a day late. But I was pondering yesterday what I should say in a New Year’s post. And my thoughts predictably circled around the notion of resolutions, of which far too much is written and said this time of year.

The trouble for me is that my New Year’s resolving and planning seem so Pelagian. The list of resolutions (read more, write more, pray more, exercise more, eat less, swear less, drive slower …) become my personal scheme of self-salvation. They tempt me to believe that the sum total of my meaning and purpose are comprised of the things I do or don’t do. Indeed, what is my only comfort?

And yet, I find that there is something good and holy about reflecting on the year past and the year begun, something salutary and possibly sanctifying in prayerfully reflecting on my gifts, my passions, my failures, the opportunities for living out my discipleship that God has placed before me.


Dan Griswold

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