A New Look

As announced last week on the old site, I am moving this blog and its sibling web site to another host. That process is now complete, for the most part.

Now, whether you used the web site address (chicagoinvitation.org) or the old address for the blog (chicagoinvitation.blogspot.com), you found yourself on this new, and rather different looking, web site.

Here, you will find both the blog and the static material from the old web site (documents, signatories list, etc.). No more separate addresses for different content. It’s all in one place. Don’t use the blogspot address anymore (although if you do, you’ll just be redirected to the new site, with a helpful message displayed prior to the redirect). But you should use the one address, chicagoinvitation.org, to reach this unified site.

Our new host service has a number of features that I think will make for a superior CI web presence. I won’t name them all (if I could). But a few more noteworthy ones:

  • We can keep lots of documents here: papers, slide shows, audio interviews …
  • The sidebar contains a clickable list of authors. Click on a name, and get all the posts by a particular author
  • Long posts can be split into smaller segments, making for a tidier main page
  • Comments can be edited

There are a few more things to be brought over from the old static site. I also hope to put up more content, over time. You may notice some things missing or some usuability problems. Please let me know of these as you encouter them.



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