Bait and Switch

I noticed today that my church secretary had dutifully placed copies of “RCA Today” in every one of our consistory members’ mailboxes.

You would think there would have been a little more subtlety. It’s visually identical to the Church Herald. Format, fonts, artwork, layout.

We expressed to Wes two months ago that our concerns included “transparency” and “patterns of decision making.” The Bait-and-Switch strategy on the Church Herald is a perfect example.

Well done, General Synod Council and GSC staff. You really put one over on us all. And this was supposed to be in the cause of improving “communication”? Orwellian communication. I think of Jacques Ellul on Propaganda.

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2 thoughts on “Bait and Switch

  1. I had the exact same impression when I first looked at the “RCA Today.” I was (negatively) impressed by the sheer audacity (stupidity??) to make this new magazine so carbon-copied in its formatting and layout.

    My apologies to Chris VanEyl for passing off as “conspiracy theories” what has now taken place.

    Blessings, RogueMonk

  2. Yes, Dan
    The new (upgraded…) RCA Today ‘communication’ piece is, in the best sense of the word ‘propaganda.’ It is ‘pro’ a very clear ‘agenda.’ It should be called just that.
    When asked in a telephone survey (yes these took place) what I thought of it, I confessed that I usually don’t read magazines with a lot of pictures. Our Reformed forebears went overboard with their missional iconoclastics, but they knew a dubious distraction when they saw one.
    I was kind enough not to go into the difference between communioation and propagit. However, I did point out that it is ironic that the desire to ‘communiocate more clearly’ only works for the end-product, and not for the process. The stock explanation of the Church Herald ‘decision’ is that the process was extremely complex. That is why the Synod did not get an explanation in a clearly illustrated and attractive manner, but a mere one sentence in a dense workbook printed in small type without any graphics what-so-ever, and a summary spreadsheet that directed attention toward assessments rather than making it a major decision about RCA communications.
    Truth is in the eye of the beholder, and I know what I saw, and now I see: it is not grace nor gracious…

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