Spring Meeting

Dear signatories and friends of the Chicago Invitation,

The following message comes from the irrepressible Jack Elliott. I give my glad assent to what he says, and encourage you to attend the meeting. I have found them to be a great encouragement.

Blessings, Dan

Dear faithful keepers of the flame,

It is time for us to gather again to seek ways to shine the light in the shadows and dark places, lest the truth and reformed theology we hold dear is subverted by yet more new age feel-good marketing theology.

The Chicago Invitation will meeting at Mariandale Retreat Center on
Thursday, May 21st at noon. We will adjourn the next morning about 11 am.

The cost for our special deluxe executive room and three gourmet meals is $85.00.

The main item on the agenda is “Affinity Classis”, which may well be how “they” see “us”, which in turn tells you something about their theology, if not faith. If you have other things you would like to deal with, please let me know and we will make it so.

Please tell me if you are able to attend: je58@mac.com. And please do not wait until the last minute: check your calendar now and send me a note!


jack elliott
moderator, CI

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