Agenda for Spring Meeting


Noon 1. Check in and lunch

1 pm 2. Worship in the chapel…..ascension

2 pm 3. Introductions and expectations

name, home, job; what brings you here & hope for outcome

2:30 pm 4. Affinity Classes…story of its development… why? why not?

5. economic impact on our congregations and denomination

6. BoBS fee structures and questions…(briefing by Okke)

7. General Synod 2009

  1. Overtures – heads-up
  2. Convention or Synod? review
  3. Missionality
  4. Belhar Confession status
  5. List of delegates

8. What is going on…sharing good news & bad news

and latest inspirations and conspirations

5:30 pm Happy half hour

6 pm Supper

7 pm Evening Session

9 pm Closing prayer

7:30 am Morning prayers

8 am Breakfast

8:45 am Morning session with adjournment no latter than 11 am


• Next meeting date & place

• Election of moderator, treasurer, and steering committee

Closing Prayer

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