Spring Meeting

The Spring gathering of signatories and friends of the Chicago Invitation is coming up, so please do what you can to be there. The meeting begins with lunch on Wednesday, May 18 at noon; we adjourn the following morning at 11am. The cost is $90.00 for room and board, not to mention the magnificent happy hour that we shall enjoy and for which Jack’s personal vintner has promised some outstanding discoveries.

There is a lot going on: a candidate for General Secretary, R-71 issues, a new ten-year plan…. We will have no lack of things to discuss.

As usual, we will meet at the Mariandale Retreat Center in Ossinning, NY. If you haven’t been there, what’s stopping you?

Please send your reservations, ideas for discussion topics, or (if need be) regrets to Jack Elliott. je58@mac.com

2 thoughts on “Spring Meeting

  1. I’d like to urge the troops to get to this meeting as it looks to be a very interesting GS this June. I am going as a voting delegate this year and have been working with several others on ways to bring attention to the several overtures about R-71[assessing the classes for Covenant of Care arrears]. The R-71 flap has put a spotlight on BoBS in regards to their accumulated reserve funds and how they are being utilized [or not]. The “free month” incentive program is inspiring a raft of other questions. The ancient principle holds true: where there is a pile of money, folks will find ways to spend it.
    There are also many questions about the results to date of the Ten-Year Goal/Our Call. As we hear the drums starting to beat about the next goal, folks are wondering whether there are any serious evaluation plans for the current ones. Does the old kitchen placard, “The hurrier we go, the behinder we get” sum up Our Call? In our hurry onward and up/downward, will we pause long enough to tease out some lessons from the past 8 years?
    You don’t want to miss any of this stuff–so make the trip and your reservation. We need your thinking/feeling/emoting.

  2. Hi all…great to hear of your meeting coming up. I am a voting delegate from Nassau/Suffolk this year. I will be following along on your blog and am interested i learning more of the upcoming meeting in Ossining…

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