CI in GR

We’re having our fall meeting, and this time we’ll be meeting in Grand Rapids.

Sure, we typically meet in New York. But we try to have a gathering in the Midwest from time to time. We hope you can make it. Here are the details:



October 12-13, 2011
at the Dominican Center at Marywood
in Grand Rapids, Michigan

We will be meeting at the Dominican Center at Marywood ( which is 5.7 miles away or 10-20 minutes depending on traffic. They will provide meeting and worship space and lunch and dinner. The cost will be $ 50.00 per person for the two meals and use of the facilities for Wednesday and Thursday and the amenities they provide.

Tom DeVries, our new general secretary, will be with us on Wednesday afternoon. The agenda for the meeting is at the bottom of this email.

Our meeting will begin Wednesday with lunch at noon at the Dominican Center. We will have some cars and the motel’s shuttle service to get us to the retreat center and back. We expect the meeting to go no later than 9pm. The Thursday morning session will be from 8:30am until about 11am.

Please email me today that you are coming:
since we will need to give Marywood an idea of numbers for meeting and eating.

Your obedient servant,

Jack Elliott, moderator

One thought on “CI in GR

  1. Here is the agenda mentioned in the post:

    The Chicago Invitation
    October 12-13, 2011

    Noon 1. Check in and lunch at the Dominican Center at Marywood

    1 pm 2. Worship in the Chapel — led by Al Janssen

    1:30 pm 3. Introductions (name, home, job, need to know about you): 30 seconds
    Round Table: expectations…what brings you here & hope for outcome: 2 minutes

    2:15 pm 4. Biblical Reflections and discussion led by Jim Reid

    2:35 pm 5. Agenda items (to be augmented, accepted & prioritized by consensus)
    We will have re-prioritized the agenda items no later than 3:00 PM
    In this process we will also mark items for next meeting, in May 2012.

    a. Conversation with General Secretary Tom DeVries…sharing of his journey: considerations regarding the GS office & why assuming the position would be helpful…possibly: sounding out group members about their journeys in the RCA.

    b. Various briefings: i.e. “you will want to know…”

    c. thoughts about General Synod 2011…led by Jim Reid

    d. All about BOBS…costs and benefits…follow the money

    e. Classis Cancer: financial disintegration? Concept of Classis-as-such is a healthy meso structure—a core structure, even—but the ‘environment’ is polluted on both micro and macro levels; 1. pinched (i.e. painfully alerted) by finances, and 2. instead of a resourcing and supporting structure Classis is seen as a problem/hindrance.

    f. The church, as the Body of Christ, needs LOCAL solutions, and not by way of a top-down structure. Do we need a radical localism in place of what we are now experiencing – i.e. the drift of locally-appropriate church functions/power up the denominational pyramid? Is the Church an institution—constitutionally??

    h. The Belhar Confession commits the church to a more assertive ecumenicity and outward signs of visible unity (– read organizational unity). In stronger terms: not to be about this is sin, according to the confession.

    i. “Towards an Evaluation of Our Call Plan” a paper by Jim Reid

    5:30 pm 6. Happy hour

    6 pm 7. Supper

    7 pm 8. Evening session

    9 pm 9. Closing evening prayer by Okke Postma

    8:45 am 12. Morning session begins with worship led by James Brumm
    Housekeeping details
    Next Meeting: May 16-17, 2012, at Mariandale Retreat Center
    Rides to airport

    11 am 13. Adjournment and Closing Prayer by Jack Elliott

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