Spring Meeting


MAY 15-16, 2012

at the Mariandale Retreat Center (mariandale.org)

in Ossining, New York

The meeting will begin on Tuesday at noon (not Wednesday this time, due to scheduling conflict at Mariandale) and will adjourn the next morning at about 11am. The cost is 90.00 per person for room and 3 meals.

This is going to be a very important meeting! The time has come for us to recast ourselves, perhaps even to change our name. I believe we are very important to the life and vitality of the RCA, for we are the only free-standing group that seeks to bring faith and our Reformed theology into the mission and vision of the church. Such recasting will be the challenge of the meeting.

It also seems to me that we are also a valuable and perhaps unique place of fellowship for pastors and elders to gather and talk about church. We are a practical pastoral paradigm to talk, listen and shine the light where it is  needed.

With this in mind, please read Dan Griswold’s thoughtful paper on this. The link to it is:


So, right now, before you forget, email me at je58@mac.com to make your reservation to attend the meeting; and if you have thoughts, concerns, ideas, that you would like on the agenda, please include them or call or write me later.


Jack Elliott Moderator, Chicago Invitation

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