The Church Herald

I wrote the following for my congregation’s October newsletter. I’ll be interested to hear your take on these issues. Continue reading “The Church Herald”

Hymn from GS2007

The first stanza of this hymn was written within a half hour of the election of Carol Bechtel as General Synod VP, but I think it had a lot to do with that whole Monday and Belhar and everything; it’s just amazing what the church can be like on those rare occasions when we get it right. Continue reading “Hymn from GS2007”

Synod Report VI

Yesterday the General Synod ended. The final morning spent most of its energies on the Church Herald and the assessments (assessments are the only way the synod gets to the budget). The debate was spirited. The result was to cease denominational financial support of the every member reception of the Herald. Where then does that money go? The synod accepted the proposal from the GSC that would have some go to reduce assessments, and the rest to fund “Our Call.” Continue reading “Synod Report VI”