The Silence of the Synod

So the Synod has just ended: my twelfth, and there was less speaking from the floor during the whole Synod than during just the Monday evening session last year. Of course, the people who did speak were lovingly ridiculed and required to joyfully accept that.

Synod has been reduced to four microphones on the floor in the plenary, and that is probably too many. I am sure that one of the great contributions by the current staff before it retires will be a Synod where no one speaks from the floor.

Jerusalem to Antioch

So I confess I’m not quite sure how this “Jerusalem to Antioch” thing is supposed to ‘work.’  I get the intent of this construction of history:  that there were ‘establishment’ people in Jerusalem, and that Antioch was ‘missional,’ and that they had to figure out a way to talk with one another with mutual respect for the sake of the gospel.  (At least I think that’s in the neighborhood of what Wes was driving at.)

 But here are a couple issues I have with this construal.
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