Patches and Wineskins: Responding to “The Office of Deacon and the Assemblies of the Church”

“I believe that the Commission’s paper neither makes a sufficient case for what it advocates nor goes far enough in what it advocates, and we are missing an opportunity.”

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Al Poppen on General Secretaries, Past & Future

The following was written by Al Poppen, who is in a better position than anyone else to comment on such things, in an e-mail to Jack Elliott. It is posted here with Al’s permission.

Dear Jack,

This is in response to your request to reflect on the office of Reformed Church General Secretary based on my association with those who have filled the position thus far.  As I have thought about what to write, I realize that what I can offer belongs more to the obvious than the profound, but since I guess I can be considered an eye-witness and a primary source as far as the history of the office is concerned, I will leave it to you to sort out the wheat from the chaff.
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What's Needed in a General Secretary?

Our gifted and vigorous General Secretary, Wes Granberg-Michaelson, has announced his departure from that position. I sincerely wish him health and happiness in this next stage of his life. Now it becomes the task of the RCA to choose a successor. Humanly speaking, it will not be easy. There will be pressures from many sides: to satisfy demands or requirements that speak to vested interests, to continue or depart from the shape given the position by someone who, over the course of sixteen years, truly defined it.

There are certain characteristics that will obviously be required of our next General Secretary, things that no one within the RCA could find objectionable. That person must be a Christian, and that person must be competent. In addition, I think that most would agree (although perhaps not all) that the next General Secretary must be a member of the RCA.

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